My Life In Art, Tech, and Advertising

Born In 1984 – “I did not learn about tech, I was born in it”

My mind was thirsty for knowledge. Computer technology resonated in my household. My mother was working her way through a computer science degree while working as a CT professional by day. So I grew up in a world where not only did we have access to machines. My mother made sure I had tools to create and learn throughout my years with the technology.

I have first hand memories of using dos before windows 3.1, the day windows 95 came out and the new computer housing it, getting my first Mac OS 8 Power PC and more huge innovations in the tech world. I worked with photoshop before layers were even a thing. (More of a glorified version of paint.) I remember being a part of a BBS community that was actively pursuing the future of the internet approaching fast.

The Next Step:


After college I packed up my gigantic portfolio (So Ancient Now) and set foot to find a job. On my third walk up and knock I met the man who would end up being my mentor. I came in tow with my laptop and somehow got to speak directly with the Creative Director of SLAM. Angelo “Andy” De Santis, he was a New York Ad Man. His old stomping grounds were DDB. He is the classic “Madison Avenue Ad Man” and he fell in love with my website i built. (In 2004 this was rare for most grads or professionals to know or have a web portfolio.) I ended up working that day on playtex brand mechanicals, freelancing for 4-5 months before becoming a full time hire.

Later Me and Andy bonded, he took me under his wing. I showed him how to work the computer from top to bottom. he showed me how to typeset, layout, and further my concepts beyond a simple tagline. My apprenticeship with Andy was definitely an experience that propelled my future and also propelled me further into the art and agency career.

The First Business Card.

On a Personal Level:

 My Life Today

As corny and played out as it sounds I married my best friend in the world. Me and my wife Kirbi are goofy, fun, and perfect together. We both love our animals and also rescue any that come our way with needs that we can’t say no too. My dog Baxter has been a part of my life for the past 9 years and I would be a totally different person with out him. Its amazing to know just how much the love of a dog can change your life.

My Hobbies

Painting | Pinball Restoration | Animal Rescue | Kayaking and Rafting | Lake Life | Technology | Hiking | Music | Science | Comedy | Tinkering in the Garage | Building Things With My Hands

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